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Sandrine Tercerie

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 I am involved in the design of bioinformatic tools aimed to help researchers managing their morphological data. While molecular data is obtained and managed by means of computer, morphological data is still in "free-text" format in the scientific literature. As data grows, it becomes very hard and tedious to manage and analyze it. Besides, as no common terminology exists, researchers often employ a different vocabulary for their morphological descriptions.

Our goal is to set up bioinformatic tools intended specifically to computerize and standardize morphological data efficiently (see page) so as to make possible comparisons across data sources at a broad taxonomic scale. This tool is all the more important for our team since relationships within the acanthomorphs are far from being resolved. It is central to stimulate acanthomorphs morphological data analysis, thus improving their phylogeny.

member of the team from 2008 to 2011