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New and Revised Classification of Bony Fishes Version 2

By Cyril - Posted on 17 April 2014

TitleNew and Revised Classification of Bony Fishes Version 2
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBetancur-R R, Wiley E, Miya M, Lecointre G, Bailly N, Ortí G
Journalpublished on line
Date Published11/2013

This classification is an update of version 1 (18 April 2013) published by Betancur-R. et al. (2013a). It is based on new analyses of a molecular data set with 1591 taxa that adds 165 new taxa and ca. 25 families not examined in version 1. The new data set combines evidence published by Betancur-R. et al. (2013a) and Near et al. (2013). Methods used for phylogenetic inference were as described by Betancur-R. et al. (2013a), based on maximum likelihood analyses with RAxML using a 24-partition scheme and 1000 bootstrap replicates to assess clade support. The complete phylogenetic tree (pdf, unpublished results) can be downloaded here, a pretty figure with all the major groups is here, and a spreadsheet with the classification scheme is here. Families in the classification are linked to FishBase family pages (Froese and Pauly (2013); except for the differences noted in the spreadsheet).