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Many original images of acanthomorphs illustrate the pages of this website. The Acanthoweb team would like to express deepest thanks to the following photographers:
Fréderic André
Philippe Bourjon
Grégory Dallavalle
Michel Lonfat
Vincent Maran
Francis Pollack
Alain-Pierre Sittler
Sandra Sohier
Thomas Vignaud
Claude Kirgis, from Leomare

and of course:
the team of Doris: 
Joseph Baudet (Université de Nantes)
Aurélia Borvon (CNRS UMR 7041& ENVN, Nantes)
Catherine Cauchie
Jacques Chanet
Raouf Daoudi (ENVN, Nantes)
Marion Fuselier (Unité d'Imagerie Médicale (ENVN, Nantes)) and Claude Guintard (Unité d'Anatomie Comparée (ENVN, Nantes)) for images and access to RMI.
Samuel Iglesias (CEAMARC).
Without all of them, the presentation of acanthomorphs diversity would not have been the same.

A special thanks to the abi which hosts this site !!