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What strategies for ichthyology?

Par Cyril - Posté le 17 avril 2014

TitreWhat strategies for ichthyology?
Type de publicationMiscellaneous
Nouvelles publications2004
AuteursLecointre G
RésuméNaming a Science according to the things analysed (ichthyology, entomology, ornithology, etc.) is, at best, an essentialist reminiscence. We often tend to confuse properties of things and properties of concepts and tools used for investigation. But things are not themselves pregnant of the meaning we give to them. Object-centered sciences are nourished by various methods and schemes of proof. Here we develop the point of view that social structuring of science and research training must be organized according to common concepts, methodologies and schemes of proof rather than to common objects. It is a better way to reach excellence in research training. Syntheses about categories of objects are mote a matter of communication and release of knowledge conducted by scientific societies than scientific policy and official title of labs. Put in another way, the best strategy for ichthyology is to irrigate scientific structures defined in terms of concepts, methods and questions with its young ichtyologists. This is what maximizes the renewal of generations. Ichtyhology will not face the future just by identifying itself with a scientific policy or with the title of a lab. Its longevity lies in recruting young ichthyologists from different method-oriented research areas for syntheses that rightfully occur within scientific societies.