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Monophyly of the genus Liopsetta (Pleuronectidae)

Par Cyril - Posté le 17 avril 2014

TitreMonophyly of the genus Liopsetta (Pleuronectidae)
Type de publicationJournal Article
Nouvelles publications2014
AuteursVoronina E, Chanet B
Start Page43
Année de publication01/2014
Mots-clésLiopsetta, Monophyly, morphology, Pleuronectidae, Taxonomy
RésuméAbstract A phylogenetic analysis of 15 flatfish species based on 40 morphological characters was conducted to determine the interrelationships of the genera Liopsetta, Pleuronectes and Pseudopleuronectes. The results indicate that Liopsetta forms a monophyletic lineage defined by the reduction of the infraorbital sensory canal of the ocular side, small scale size and small body size. The monophyly of Pseudopleuronectes (including P. obscurus) is supported by the interrupted coronal commissure and of Pleuronectes by the presence of radii completely surrounding the focus of scales and the absence of scleral bones. The synapomorphies of Pleuronectes and Liopsetta support hypothesis that these genera are distinct and valid. The relationships of the three species of Liopsetta were incompletely resolved.