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Channichthyid phylogeny based on two mitochondrial genes

Par Cyril - Posté le 17 avril 2014

TitreChannichthyid phylogeny based on two mitochondrial genes
Type de publicationMiscellaneous
Nouvelles publications1998
AuteursChen W-J, Bonillo C, Lecointre G
Secondary AuthorsDi Prisco G, Pisano E, Clarke A
RésuméOur nucleotide sequence data from two mitochondrial genes of 14 species of Channichthyidae allowed reconstruction of a complete and reliable phylogeny of the family except for the relationships of Chaenocephalus. This study offered an example of obtaining a better resolution when the total evidence strategy is chosen. Only one node over 13 has a bootstrap proportion below 50% and 9 above 70%. Our molecular tree supports most of the clades proposed by Iwani on the basis of morphological characters. For the differing points, the principle of parsinomy shows that there is no real contradiction between morphology and molecules. Indeed, the molecular position of Channichthys requires no extra step in the morphological matrix of Iwami. A reinterpretation of Voskoboinikova's developmental data shows that the most advanced channichthyids are the most pedomorphic. Assuming a molecular clock and a calibration based on the perciform fossil record, the channichthyid family dates back to the time of the polar front formation.